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A Silence for the Silenced

Silence for the Silenced

Could you hold a silence for the silenced? 

A Silence for the Silenced is a prayer event for Afghanistan’s hidden Christians. 

Christians around the world are being silenced. 

They are not free to express their beliefs, even, sometimes to pray or worship together. This is true for Christians in many countries, but nowhere more so than in Afghanistan.

It uses the idea of silence to reflect the way in which Christians in Afghanistan – and in so many places around the world – have had their voices taken away from them. 

About A Silence for the Silenced

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The event consist of three sections:

Part 1: ‘Losing Our Voice’ 
An introduction to the situation for Christians in Afghanistan.

Part 2: Stations of Silence 
A time of silent prayer using prayer stations. Each station has an ordinary object such as a suitcase, a school textbook, some nails. These are all easily obtainable household objects. They are symbolic of something that is happening to Christians in Afghanistan. Accompanying the stations are four cards containing a Bible verse, a story, a challenge to ‘imagine’, and ways to pray. 

Part 3: ‘Using our voice’ 
A time to conclude our prayers, reflect on what we have experienced, and explore how we can use our voices and abilities to do more.

What do I need?

All the information – including the cards for the stations – can be found in the free downloadable resource. Simply log in to your account, or register for a free church account below.

When can I do this?

  • During Ramadan. Holding A Silence for the Silenced prayer event would be a good way of remembering all the Christians for whom Ramadan is a time of extra pressure and anxiety. 
  • At Easter. The vigil would be a powerful element of a Good Friday or Holy Saturday meditation.
  • At any time. Use it as part of your regular church prayer meeting or as a special time of prayer for Christians in Afghanistan.

However you choose to use it, we hope that this time of prayer will be a powerful and inspirational time of connection with these courageous Christians. 

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