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  • Leader: President Xi Jinping
  • Population: 1.4 billion (97.2 million Christians)
  • Main Religion: Atheism
  • Government: Socialism
  • World Watch List Rank: 39
  • Source of Persecution: Communist and post-Communist oppression

The church is the largest social force in China not controlled by the Communist Party.

As a result, there are increasing efforts to restrict the way Christians operate. A considerable number of Christians are still imprisoned. Violence is at a very high level and is increasing. Church meetings continue to be disrupted in several provinces. Churches were also closed and landlords pressured to stop renting premises to Christians. Believers from a Tibetan Buddhist or Muslim Uyghur background experience persecution from families, communities and religious leaders.

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Please Pray 

  • For the growth of believers from Muslim Uyghur and Tibetan Buddhist backgrounds
  • For wisdom and love for Chinese Christians reaching out to atheists and Confucianists
  • That Christ will reveal Himself to government officials who seek to control the church.


How we help

Open Doors is challenging the Han Chinese church to play their part in engaging the world with the persecuted church and take up her role in the worldwide body of Christ, too. Within China, the Han Chinese church is encouraged to support the most persecuted Christian groups in China, specifically Muslim and Tibetan-background believers. Open Doors supports the church in China through:

  • Raising awareness of persecution among Chinese Christians
  • Providing basic biblical and discipleship training to the most persecuted Christian groups, Muslim and Tibetan-background believers
  • Distributing contextualised Christian literature to Muslim and Tibetan-background believers.
Open Doors UK 60th anniversary celebration

Listen to Eric and John

Open Doors worker Eric and Bible smuggler John talk about 'overcoming giants' in China. Recorded at the Greatest Adventure, the Open Doors UK 60th anniversary celebration in November 2015.