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  • Leader: Prime Minister Narendra Modi
  • Population: 1.3 billion (64 million Christians)
  • Main Religion: Hinduism
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Most persecution comes from a variety of radical Hindu groups wanting to cleanse their country.

Converts from a Hindu background bear the brunt of the persecution in India and are constantly under pressure to return to Hinduism. Radical Hindu groups are increasingly enjoying impunity when they harass Muslims or Christians. At least 8 Christians were killed last year and nearly 24,000 physically assaulted. As a result, the level of fear and uncertainty among the majority of Christians is increasing. 

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Please Pray 

  • That the Spirit of Truth will strengthen Christians from a Hindu background to resist pressure to return to their family’s faith
  • That God will give wisdom and protection to believers in states with anti-conversion laws who love to share their faith
  • Asking God to reveal Himself to parents who incarcerate their daughters because they’ve chosen to follow Christ.

How Open Doors helps

In partnership with local churches, Open Doors strengthens the Indian church through: 

  • Distribution of Bibles, Children's Bibles, training manuals and Sunday school materials to persecuted Christians
  • Holistic training for pastors, church workers, women, youth, children and family groups
  • Livelihood and community development, adult literacy programmes, bridge schooling for children, vocational education, and urgent aid and relief for persecuted Christians
  • Advocacy support, legal seminars, and providing Rapid Action Teams in the field to help the victims of persecution.

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