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  • Leader: President Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed
  • Population: 11.4 million (A few hundred Christians)
  • Main Religion: Islam
  • Country fact sheet

Society expects all Somalis to be Muslim; imams and leaders of al-Shabaab state publicly that there is no room for Christianity.

Loyalty to the clan is all-important. Family members and clan leaders intimidate and even kill converts to Christianity. The radical militant group al-Shabaab relies on a clan-based structure to advance its ideology, forcing sheikhs and imams to teach jihad or face expulsion or death. Christians from a Muslim background are regarded as high-value targets – at least 23 suspected converts were killed last year.

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Please Pray 

  • For protection for secret believers
  • Give thanks that many Muslims are seeking God; ask Him to draw many to Himself
  • That the Lord will build His kingdom in the midst of Islamic and tribal oppression, organised corruption and crime.

How Open Doors helps

Open Doors has been supporting Somali believers since the 1990s. Our focus has been on spiritual support and raising awareness and prayer. Open Doors supports the persecuted church in the wider region with:

  • Prayer
  • Advocacy and awareness
  • Discipleship
  • Literature
  • Community development.

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