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  • Leader: President Omar al-Bashir
  • Population: 42 million (2 million Christians)
  • Main Religion: Islam
  • Country fact sheet

Arabs, Africans, Muslims, Christians: the cultural mix is complicated, but the government is strictly implementing a policy of one religion, culture and language.

Under the president’s authoritarian rule, freedom of expression is highly curtailed and the persecution of Christians is reminiscent of ethnic cleansing: arrests with charges of espionage; churches demolished; indiscriminate attacks in areas like the Nuba Mountains. Believers are afraid to share their faith with their children or Muslim neighbours. Some disguise their identity even after death, being buried in Muslim cemeteries.

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Growing church leaders

See how your support is assisting local Bible colleges in training evanglists, missionaries and pastors.

Please Pray 

  • That God will provide opportunities for His followers to meet safely and be encouraged to persevere
  • Ask Him to equip church leaders to stand strong when under pressure from Islamic extremists
  • For the hearts of Sudanese leaders to be transformed so that the country can experience justice, peace and freedom of religion.

How Open Doors helps

Through partnerships with the local church, Open Doors equips church leaders in Sudan for different aspects of ministry, supports community development, and provides practical assistance to persecuted Christians. This includes:

  • Literature distribution projects
  • Theological and discipleship training and trauma care training
  • Standing Strong Through the Storm training to help believers to stand firm through persecution
  • Community development projects.