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World Watch List Map


Family-friendly guide to the World Watch List

This colourful, family-friendly map helps people of all ages to pray their way around the countries of the World Watch List. Order stickers with the map and receive 50 flag stickers - every time you pray for a country, put a flag sticker on the map.

What’s more, on the reverse of the map there’s a Fear to Faith Quiz, to get you moving and thinking about the persecuted church, and a ready-to-use activity session, perfect for any kind of children’s group.

Please do not order more then 20 sets of stickers or copies of the map. If you wish to order more than 20, please give Inspire a call (01993 460015) to talk about it

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World Watch List Top 10


Be inspired by the courage of persecuted Christians around the world. The Courage and the Cost focuses on the top ten countries on the Open Doors World Watch List. It’s a great introduction to why Christians are persecuted, and how we can stand alongside them.


  • Simple, accessible introduction to the World Watch List
  • Introduction to the top ten countries on the list
  • Inspiring stories of courage and hope from countries like North Korea, India and Sudan
  • Prayers for Christians in the Top Ten countries
  • World Watch List map with full Top 50 list

Please do not order more then 20 copies of this resource. If you wish to order more than 20, please give Inspire a call (01993 460015) to talk about it

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World Watch List Guts And Courage


Open Doors youth have produced a range of World Watch List themed youth resources, including 16 page resource with stories of young people living out their faith, plus a detachable World Watch List map and stickers.

World Watch List 2019 Welsh Guide

THE WORLD WATCH LIST 2019 – Welsh Translation

Dysgwch am fyd yr eglwys sy'n cael ei herlid.

Mae'r llyfr hwn yn cynnwys gwybodaeth am bob un o'r gwledydd sydd yn y 50 Uchaf, ynghyd â phwyntiau gweddi, straeon a gwybodaeth gefndirol hanfodol. Mae'n berffaith ar gyfer unrhyw un sydd am ddysgu mwy am y pwysau sy'n wynebu Cristnogion am ddilyn Iesu a sut mae eich cefnogaeth chi yn cynnig gobaith.

Mae'n cynnwys:

  • gwybodaeth fanwl am y gwledydd yn y 50 uchaf
  • pwyntiau gweddi penodol ar gyfer pob gwlad
  • map Rhestr Gwylio'r Byd
  • gwybodaeth am dueddiadau byd-eang a'r cefndir
  • cyflwyniad i Restr Gwylio'r Byd a pham ei fod yn bwysig
  • straeon ysbrydoledig am gredinwyr sy'n cael eu herlid
  • sut y gallwn ddysgu gan yr eglwys sy'n cael ei herlid
Advocacy Report


Paying the price twice: how religious persecution exacerbates the vulnerabilities of marginalised groups is an in-depth report on the 50 countries of the World Watch List. This year’s report focuses on how freedom of religion or belief underpins so many of the world’s problems and highlights how religious persecution exacerbates existing vulnerabilities such as gender, class, ethnicity or age.

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Homegroup Resources

Ready-to-use sessions for groups

Three simple homegroup sessions looking at the lives and experience of persecuted Christians in North Korea, Sudan and India.

Each session has a video to watch, stories to share, a Bible passage to reflect on, discussion questions, prayer points and ways to respond.