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Can You Believe It? Church Pack

Can you believe it?

Imagine you live in a land where, because you’re a Christian:

  • you’re failed in your studies
  • your neighbours beat you up
  • your home is destroyed
  • your family is put in prison
  • your father is killed.

How would you respond? Would you lose heart, give up, change your faith? Or would you pray harder, stay faithful, grow bolder? Find out how God is strengthening his followers around the world in the face of hostility, violence and injustice - and share it with your church.

The new Can you believe it? pack features the amazing true-life stories of Faith, Hope and Love from five persecuted Christians – and includes a service outline, poster, sample Prayer Polaroids and gift envelope, also a DVD with films, Powerpoint and audio tracks.

The following resources are both in the pack and available as downloads:


The following downloads provide resources additional to those in the pack:

To order gift envelopes, contact our Inspire team on 01993 460015 or email inspire@opendoorsuk.org

More about Hannah*, Ghassan, Wasihun, Meena* and Fady:

*names changed for security reasons