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Live Like A North Korean

Welcome to the resource page to accompany our 2018 Lent Resource: Live Like A North Korean.

Live Like a North Korean Resource

Live like a North Korean is a free resource, packed with daily prayers and reflections to connect you with your persecuted North Korean family. But what makes this resource different is that it also challenges you to live like a North Korean. Along with the daily readings and prayers there are weekly actions that will help you to experience a little of what North Korean Christians endure every day. You might end up living a day without heating, or eating. You might bury your Bible, or learn long political information about the ‘Dear Leader’. These actions cannot replicate the reality, but they can, with prayerful reflection, provide a window into the world of North Korean Christians.

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On this page you will find downloadable resources to accompany the booklet, six group study guides and information as to how your gifts can make a massive difference to the lives of secret Christians in North Korea.

The Holy Rice Challenge

Many Christians in North Korean observe a practice they call ‘holy rice’. This means they set apart some of the little rice they have for use in God's kingdom. “These Christians don’t consume all the food they receive from us,” says one of our co-workers. “They save some to give to people who are even worse off than them. This gives them an opportunity to build trust and later share the gospel with these people.”

Could you do the same? As you journey through Lent, will you put aside some of what you spend on food to share with believers in North Korea? A small donation makes a big difference in a country where the average person doesn’t make much more than two pounds a month. Your gift will nourish them both spiritually and physically.

  • Every £20 can provide Bible study materials for two courageous North Korean believers, to build their faith and bring them comfort.
  • Every £58 can provide food, medicine and clothes to support a North Korean family for a month, helping them survive the long harsh winter.
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Live Like A North Korean

Downloadable Resources

Small group resources

Six group studies to accompany the Live Like A North Korean daily discipleship guide. They are stand alone sessions, so you don’t have to do all six! Simply pick the ones which interest you. These studies work alongside the weekly themes in the individual prayer resource, so you might want to make sure that everyone in your group has a copy of the Live Like A North Korean booklet.