Coronavirus crisis

Your persecuted family is asking for help


Coronavirus Crisis

Rose lost her husband. Then she lost her livelihood. But she hasn’t lost her faith in God. Living in the middle band of Nigeria, Rose is in one of the most dangerous places in the world to be a Christian. And on 7 April 2020, tragically, Rose’s husband Matthew was killed by Fulani militants.

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Your family urgently need help

Lockdown means many persecuted Christians no longer have an income and can’t buy food. Can you help bring vital food to those who need it the most?

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Each relief pack to Asia contains these essential items

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A prayer for the persecuted church during Covid-19

Our persecuted brothers and sisters need our prayers at this uncertain time. Pray using our written prayer during your own quite times, or as a small group or church meeting remotely.

News and stories of persecuted Christians affected by coronavirus