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Press Releases

  • From North Korea to Burkina Faso – the world is becoming less tolerant of Christians.

    Latest research shows a continued rise of persecution against Christians around the world.

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  • Syria: Back to school despite the unfinished war

    Syrian children are significantly behind with their schooling because of the war. 

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  • Destroyed Christian businesses in Syria given new lease of life

    China things are happening

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  • Syrian pastor is a lifeline to his community

    Pastor Abdalla’s church has become a Centre of Hope, one of 16 centres already established across Syria. Centres of Hope are not big buildings, but simple, low-cost places through which the local church can bring hope to their community.Through Centres of Hope, Open Doors is providing vital aid for 12,000 vulnerable families. The Centres of Hope offer relief aid, medical care, trauma care, vocational training and loans, children’s activities, marriage courses and Alpha courses.

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  • Vietnamese Christians severely beaten after their conversion.

    Six year old Phouc is recovering from a coma after being attacked because her parents converted to Christianity. Phouc was hit on the head and punched so severely in the stomach that she lost her appetite and constantly vomited. She became very ill and had severe head and stomach pain and had to be rushed to hospital where she fell into a coma for a month. After a month she recovered but was unable to recognise her parents or remember the incident.

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  • New UN day commemorating Victims of Acts of Violence Based on Religion or Belief

    The UN International Day Commemorating the Victims of Acts of Violence Based on Religion or Belief is intended to provide a focus to address the ever-growing issue of violence based on religion or belief. 

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  • Healed from deafness, rescued from drowning – Indian Christians empowered by God’s miracles

    Persecution of Christians in India forces believers to choose between their faith and their family.

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  • Kashmir’s Christians fear increased persecution as the region loses special status

    The newly revoked Article 370 of the Indian Constitution had given special status to the Muslim-majority region allowing it to have a separate constitution, a state flag and autonomy over the internal administration of the state.Kashmiri Christians, many of whom are from a Muslim background, often face pressure from their local communities.  They are now concerned that persecution will increase under an increasing Hindu nationalist agenda as power dynamics in the region shift.

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  • New type of atrocity marks 10 years of Boko Haram violence

    Boko Haram have rained down terror on northern Nigeria for ten years. Despite Nigerian officials repeatedly claiming victory over Boko Haram, the group has fractured and split and has taken their violence into Cameroon, Niger and Chad too. According to the BBC, the conflict has been responsible for over 30,000 deaths with millions more displaced from their homes.

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  • Miracles in India - embracing a new faith through healing

    Raman*, 29, grew up in a Hindu family, where his grandfather, a Hindu priest, would sacrifice animals for gods and perform curses for a fee. His mother also made money using black magic. At the age of nine, Raman started to become sick. His sickness made him weak and he would frequently collapse: “At that time, I was determined that there was no god, because I was asking, ‘Why do I have to suffer like this?’”

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  • Muslims save 20 Christians from al-Shabaab attack

    The foiled attack took place in Mandera County, in the northeast corner of Kenya. This area borders Somalia and is Muslim majority. According to an Open Doors worker this was a “show of solidarity from locals”.

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  • Attacked Iranian Christian arrested, while her attacker goes free

    Iranian Christian Fatemeh Mohammadi, 20, was assaulted while travelling on a bus by another passenger who accused her of not wearing her headscarf properly. Iranian police arrested Fatemeh when she went to the police station to file a complaint against the woman

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  • President Trump meets persecuted Christian, Esther from Nigeria

    CEO of Open Doors UK and Ireland, Henrietta Blyth said, “It is vital that world leaders like President Trump champion freedom of religion and belief. This week President Trump heard stories of the persecution of Christians from North Korea, Nigeria and Myanmar as well the plight of the Rohingya, Yezidi and many more. Hearing these stories is not enough, policy and action must follow.

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  • Open Doors urges New Prime Minister to deliver on support for persecuted Christians

    Following the new Prime Minister’s July 8th tweet pledging support for those facing persecution Open Doors UK and Ireland CEO Henrietta Blyth said: “I am delighted  that Boris Johnson said that he would ‘prioritise protecting religious freedoms’ as Prime Minister and that he ‘would stand up for those facing persecution’. I look forward to seeing quick action to deliver greater protection for religious minorities.”

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  • Eritrean authorities close ALL Christian run hospitals and health centers

    In June, Open Doors reported that the Eritrean government was closing Christian run health centres. Now the charity has heard that the all Catholic hospitals and health centres have been shut in Eritrea. Eritrean police closed the country’s last open Christian run health facility in Zager about 30 km from Asmara, on Friday 5 July.  

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