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Together we can make what is invisible, visible.

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Imagine thousands of individual petitions - each one a unique, handmade, committed prayer to see change for persecuted women through policy and action – sewn together to create something both beautiful and spectacular.

This huge work of art, the handmade petition, will be presented to the UK Government in November 2019 during the Preventing Sexual Violence in Conflict (PSVI) Conference. We want policy on sexual violence in conflict to recognise that, in order to address this problem, the persecution of faith needs to be recognised too. In many countries, the two are inextricably linked.

The handmade petition is visible, meaningful and memorable. It shows MPs and influencers your genuine concern for the suffering of your sisters, powerfully encouraging those in power to engage and act.

The Petition Process

Here's how

You can order the free pack or follow these simple instructions

Completed petitions need to be with us by 14 October 2019 ready for us to present them to the UK Government at the Preventing Sexual Violence in Conflict (PSVI) Conference this autumn.


1. Be Square

Be Square

Get yourself some white fabric.

Get yourself some white fabric - either plain or a predominantly white pattern.

Cut it into a square that is 30 cm2 – so each side measures to 30 cm. (Please try to keep to this size so your piece can be stitched into the final banner.)

Lastly, please leave a 1 cm border without writing as this will be covered when sewn into the whole banner.


2. Stand Out

As you create your handmade petition, think: If I were an MP, what would grab my attention?

Something unique and memorable is more likely to encourage the government to take note and listen.

Whether you sew, paint or write, let this piece be a reflection of your commitment to these precious sisters in Christ.

Remember, you don’t have to be an art extraordinaire or have the ‘perfect’ piece – your committed prayer and action is the key.


3. Create


Write the words ‘I see you’ on your piece of cloth, in your nicest handwriting, as a prayer that our sisters would be seen in their communities, in policy and by the church.

You can use these prayer points if you like. Pray that:

  • Governments would recognise the vulnerability of Christian women and this would be reflected in policy
  • Our persecuted sisters would be seen and valued by their communities, so they can fulfil their God-given potential
  • Where Christian women are deprived of basic needs such as food and shelter, that they would be provided for
  • Open Doors trauma workshops and socio-economic development projects would be able to expand and reach more women.

4. Name


Charity – who participated in an Open Doors trauma workshop in Nigeria – had never written her name before. She said: “I am so happy, I have never held a pen in my life before and it was the first time I have been able to write my name.”

God calls us all by name, He knows us. Many of these women are not seen and valued in the way they should be. Add your name to your petition, and as you do, ask God what your next step should be in the bigger picture of seeing change for our sisters.


5. Share


Now that you have completed your handmade petition, why not share your commitment to see change with your friends?

  • Share your petition on social media with #iseeyou and tag @opendoorsuk to encourage others to get involved! Why not tag your MP in too to let them know you care about this issue?
  • Sign the petition with friends, church or home group to respond to the plight of our sisters together.

6. Send


Pop your handmade petition in an envelope and send it to:

Open Doors UK & Ireland,
PO Box 6,
OX29 6WG


Thank You

Thank you for speaking up for your sisters. Your support is restoring hope and dignity to persecuted women worldwide.

Download a beautiful painting as a ‘thank you’ from us!

If you’re looking for more ways to support your sisters, you can give to women in Nigeria today.