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Travel with us!

Are you looking for an adventure? Do you have a passion for justice and a love for God's people? Do you read the stories of our persecuted brothers and sisters and long to stand with them in person?

Become an Open Doors traveller! You can shine God's light in some of the darkest places by going to the nations where faith costs the most. Meet our brothers and sisters face to face, pray for the nations, smuggle much-needed Christian literature - let our persecuted church family know that they haven't been forgotten.

"Please go - our brothers and sisters need you"
- Linda, traveller with Open Doors

Your own faith will rise as you have the privilege of meeting Christians who have chosen to follow Jesus no matter the cost, and hear stories of God at work, even in the midst of fierce opposition.

It will be a life-changing experience - you will come back from your trip with more of a heart for God's people and a greater desire to be a voice for the persecuted church, a link in the chain between the Christians you meet in the nations and the church in the UK.



There are several types of trip that you can go on through Open Doors, each with a slightly different focus:

Prayer Trips

You will have the opportunity to pray in some of the world's most 'closed' countries with greater awareness of the realities and needs of the local people. Prayer walk through winding alleys and bustling markets and intercede on behalf of our Christian family. There is sometimes the chance to meet with persecuted Christians too.

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If you have questions about travelling with us, see our frequently asked questions.

"A lasting memory I have is one of the amazing presence of the Spirit of the Lord through-out the trip... I must say that I feel blessed and priviledged to have served God in this way."
- Linda, traveller with Open Doors