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When Brother Andrew made his first trip behind the Iron Curtain in 1955, believers said that simply having him there with them was worth more than ten of his best sermons. By travelling with Open Doors, you can follow in the footsteps of Brother Andrew and be there with the persecuted church.

You can make a difference. You will be able to encourage believers in some of the nations where faith costs the most, showing our brothers and sisters that they have not been forgotten, and praying with them for God’s light to break into some of the darkest places.

Travelling with Open Doors will also be significant for you. Having the privilege of meeting those who are continuing to follow Jesus Christ in the face of persecution will raise your faith and renew your desire to walk with the Lord wholeheartedly.

Numbers and news stories can be dehumanising, but meeting believers from other nations in person will help you to see the faces behind the headlines. We believe that your experiences of meeting persecuted Christians will inspire you to be their voice upon your return. By sharing the stories of those you meet you can awaken others to the injustices that many face around the world, but so often go unnoticed.

Smuggle hope, deliver love!

For more information please email travelteam@opendoorsuk.org or call the Travel Team on 01993 777300.

"A lasting memory I have is one of the amazing presence of the Spirit of the Lord through-out the trip... I must say that I feel blessed and priviledged to have served God in this way."
- Linda, traveller with Open Doors