15 February 2024

Abdulla and his family had a plan when they fled Afghanistan – but God had other ideas

When the Taliban took control of Afghanistan in August 2021, many Afghans were forced to leave the country for their own safety. This included Abdulla, who you might remember from last year. In this encouraging update, we hear what God has been up to in him and his family’s lives.

You’re helping Abdulla as he seeks to follw God’s calling on his life

“A month ago, a man called us and asked a lot of questions about Jesus,” explains Abdulla* about the new online ministry he’s set up since fleeing Afghanistan. “It turns out that he was from a radical Muslim community but was very interested in learning about Jesus. That man is now ready to accept Jesus.”

It’s an incredible story and one that may not have happened had Abdulla and his family ignored God and instead pursued their own goal of, as he puts it, ‘a better life’. When they fled to a neighbouring country, the aim was to go to Europe – but he and his wife, Fatima*, sensed God had other ideas. 

“I prayed and now I’m sure God is calling me and my family to serve here,” he shares. “I’m working on the Christian internet resource. I know that many refugees from Afghanistan are already in Western countries, even some of our friends, but we are not going. My wife and I decided to follow God’s calling.”

“I prayed and now I’m sure God is calling me and my family to serve here”


The resource involves Abdulla sharing the gospel in his native language through an online channel. “It’s obvious that people are using it; we get phone calls very often,” he continues. “It is very encouraging that we can serve such people through our internet resource.”

Eldest son shares gospel at school

It’s not the only way Abdulla and his family are serving others. He works with other Afghan refugees and, at the church they’re involved in, Abdulla leads a house group and Fatima (who works as a hairdresser at a local salon) is involved in Sunday School. 

Recently, Abdulla was invited to training organised by Open Doors local partners about countering false teaching. “This training is so interesting and informative,” he says. “As a leader of a home group, I need to know more about different heresies and how to deal with such things in ministry. I am very grateful for the invitation; I learnt a lot.”

Abdulla and his wife’s passion for the gospel is rubbing off on their three children, with the eldest, who is 12 years old, telling his classmates about Jesus! “He is also responsible for leading our evening family prayers twice a week. We gave him this responsibility to teach him.”

And in further good news, Abdulla was recently granted citizenship in the country they’ve settled in. The family are now seeking this for Fatima. If this is secured, Abdulla wants to take her to visit her parents and tell them about Jesus. They are Muslims and also fled Afghanistan, leaving all their property behind, and now live in the Middle East. 

Please join us in praising God for all that God is doing in and through Abdulla and his family, and please continue to keep them in your prayers.

*Name changed for security reasons 

  • For continued safety for Abdulla and his family
  • That Fatima will be granted citizenship, and that the couple can visit her parents in the Middle East and tell them about Jesus
  • For the family’s ministry and faith to keep growing.
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