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10 June 2021

Saudi Arabian Christian heavily fined and still awaits prison and court case for separate charges

Thank you for your prayers and letters for Adam (name changed) from Saudi Arabia. Since leaving Islam to give his life to Jesus a few years ago, Adam has faced multiple charges for Christian activities and helping his sister-in-law, also a believer, to flee the country because of persecution. Here we have the latest on his situation.

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Adam is facing the wrath of his wider family after he helped his sister-in-law to flee the country because of persecution

Please continue to pray for Adam from Saudi Arabia who has been levelled with a fine equivalent to around £56,000, having been found guilty of a charge he had been acquitted of in April. Open Doors has also learnt that Adam is waiting to serve a three-month prison sentence for telling others about Jesus, and a court date has yet to be set for his role in helping his sister-in-law, Eve, flee the country because of persecution. 

How did Adam get to this point? 

Adam is in his late forties and grew up a Muslim. He has a Yemini background but has spent most of his life in Saudi Arabia. When Eve (name changed), his wife’s sister, became a Christian some three years ago, her family sought out Adam to convince her to return to Islam. 

But they did not know that Adam had also begun exploring the Christian faith. Instead of persuading Eve to return to Islam, Adam was inspired by her faith, and eventually he also became a Christian. In the eyes of many Muslims in Saudi Arabia, the two of them had committed one of the biggest sins a Muslim can commit – leaving Islam. 

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Eve’s life was in perilous danger but, at the time, she needed the permission of her husband or another male in the family to flee the country. Adam stepped in to help Eve and her two children escape to safety, much to the anger of his wider family. 

What are the accusations against Adam?

Since becoming a Christian and helping Eve flee Saudi Arabia, four charges have been levelled against Adam. He’s been found guilty in three of the cases. A fourth court case is pending. 

The most recent one centres on the accusation that Adam stole money from the family business. In April 2021, a judge saw that there was no foundation to the family’s accusation and acquitted Adam. However, given the family’s influence, the case was reopened, with the added detail that the allegedly stolen money was used to purchase Bibles. On 3 June, Adam was found guilty by the new judge and fined 300,000 SAR (around £56,000). 

Meanwhile, following a separate court case, Adam is waiting to serve the three-month prison sentence handed to him under the charge of inciting others away from Islam. The accusation was made after Adam talked about Jesus with friends at a restaurant. The delayed sentence is due to Covid-19 restrictions.

"I will remember each and every one of you who sent a message to me" Adam

It won’t be the first time Adam has been in prison for his faith. In another case, he was found guilty of importing Bibles to Saudi Arabia and sentenced to 900 lashes. In April 2020 – by which time Adam had received 400 of the lashes – the Supreme Court of Saudi Arabia abolished lashing as punishment. The outstanding 500 lashes was replaced with time in prison, which Adam has now served. 

A fourth case remains pending, which is linked to Adam’s role in helping his sister-in-law flee the country. A date for his hearing has yet to be set. 

What will happen now?

Adam has been given 30 days to pay the fine. He is currently considering whether to appeal. If unable to pay it, Adam will be sentenced to prison. Ahead of the verdict earlier this month, Adam was fearful of heading straight to prison. He is said to be relieved that he has time to make arrangements for his family. However, he remains afraid of what will happen to his wife and son should he be given another prison sentence. Last month, Adam’s wife was locked in by her family and not allowed to leave. They later released her.

In the meantime, Adam and his family have been inundated with your messages of encouragement. They mean an enormous amount to them, prompting Adam to write back to supporters. "I found myself writing to you to tell you that I love you with all my heart, and I will remember each and every one of you who sent a message to me," he wrote. The family know that as they suffer, they do not do so alone. If you’ve yet to send a message, there is still time to write one; they’d love to hear from you. And please continue to pray for this dear family as well as the house church that is supporting them. 

Please pray

Heavenly Father, strengthen and uphold our dear brother, Adam. Assure him afresh of Your love and sovereignty. Replace his fears with Your peace. Grant Adam favour in the courts so that Adam will not have to pay the fine, nor serve the three-month prison sentence. And may the authorities see why Adam helped his sister-in-law flee, namely for her safety. Help Adam’s house church as they seek to provide support. Powerfully intervene in Adam’s situation, for the family’s good and Your glory. Amen.  

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