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05 March 2021

See. Change.: Rebecca's story

The persecution of Christian women and girls around the world is hidden, complex and violent. They are vulnerable for both their gender and their faith.

Leading up to International Women’s Day on 8 March, we’ll be sharing some stories of those who’ve been persecuted simply because they are Christian women. The aim of Open Doors’ See. Change. campaign is that every woman who is persecuted for both her faith and gender is seen, heard and empowered to reach her God-given potential.

Name: Rebecca
Where: China/North Korea border
Rebecca’s story: Fieldworker supporting North Korean refugees

North Korea is the place where Christians face the most extreme persecution. Having your faith discovered is a death sentence. But even believers who manage to flee the country aren’t safe from persecution – and women are particularly vulnerable. They risk being exploited by human traffickers, and are often sold as brides to Chinese men and abused. 

For years, Rebecca (name changed) was a fieldworker, supporting North Korean women at the Chinese border: “I worshipped God with them, studied the Word with them and provided them with what they needed.

“As the sisters do not have legal identification papers, they remain illegal immigrants,” says Rebecca. “Just meeting them is quite dangerous for me. I needed to avoid all possible risks that might put the ministry in danger, such as surveillance, and still meet the sisters. That was the most difficult part.”

For many Christian women and girls, escaping one form of persecution risks facing another. In many parts of the world, our sisters are persecuted for their faith and vulnerable because of their gender.

Rebecca helped many vulnerable women who had fled North Korea

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Dear Father God, thank You see all persecuted Christian women and know their true identity - even when their persecution is hidden from the world. Please protect Your daughters in North Korea and enable them to escape abuse and control. Bless courageous fieldworkers like Rebecca, equipping them with wisdom and opportunity to show Christ's love in the world.

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You can help women like those Rebecca worked with See. Change. by contacting your MP, and asking them to ensure that faith is recognised as a vulnerability in gender-based violence.


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