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Persecution Stories

See change for women persecuted for their faith and excluded because of their gender

Rikiya was still mourning her husband when Boko Haram attacked her village in northern Nigeria. She lost everything. But microloans are helping Rikiya and women like her - with your support, they are getting back on the path to self-sufficiency. Women who are persecuted for their faith and their gender can see change.



"Honestly, if not for the loan I received to rear these goats, I don’t know what I would have done."
- Rikiya, northerh Nigeria
  • In India’s coronavirus lockdown, your family is asking for urgent help

    Many Indian Christians have lost their source of income and can no longer buy food. Please help them fight the effects of coronavirus.

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  • 32 killed by Islamic militants during Nigeria’s coronavirus lockdown

    Multiple attacks by suspected Fulani militants have left dozens dead in the Middle Belt of Nigeria.

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  • The impact of your support in West Africa

    Your gifts and prayers are changing the lives of persecuted believers in West Africa - from medical clinics to agricultural livelihood projects

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  • #WeStandTogether: A call to pray for our decision makers

    As the world reacts and responds to the unprecedented coronavirus pandemic, we too have an opportunity to act; let’s pray in solidarity with those on the front lines - like parliamentarians.

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  • How to stay sane in times of isolation: lessons from the Chinese church

    Here are some lessons from the Chinese church about how to endure isolation well, from pastors who have been imprisoned for years for their faith.

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  • Coronavirus in Iran: 5 things you need to know

    Iran is the country hit hardest by the coronavirus (COVID-19) after China and Italy. What does the virus mean for Iran’s Christians? Here are five things you should know.

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  • Facing coronavirus: 7 lessons from the persecuted church

    As the coronavirus continues to impact all of our lives, here are seven lessons we can learn from the persecuted church about trusting God and being family through isolation and crisis

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  • A captive mother's courage: Ijanada's story

    Ijanada became a mother in captivity when she was a teenager, but, thanks to your prayers and support, she and her children are healing and being restored.

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  • Coronavirus crisis: what can we learn from the Chinese church?

    Many of you will be experiencing different ways of doing church in this next season. Pastor Huang explains how his church - from Wuhan, China, the epicentre of coronavirus - has accommodated restrictions and been blessed in the process.

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  • MPs sign pledge for persecuted women - your voice makes a difference!

    Thanks to you, ten MPs have signed an Early Day Motion in Parliament based on Open Doors' pledge for persecuted women!

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  • 24 women's stories for International Women's Day

    This International Women's Day, we're looking at 24 stories of persecuted Christians from across the world - from tragedy to triumph.

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  • Reporting on the hidden face of persecution: targeted abuse of Christian women

    A new Open Doors report explores the double vulnerability faced by Christian women around the world: persecuted for their faith and their gender. Can you make sure these women are seen?

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  • "We thank you for your consideration to take care of us": Treating the sick in North Korea

    In a closed country like North Korea, the spread of a disease like the coronavirus can have a hugely devestating impact. North Korean defector Timothy Cho shares his expertise and asks for prayer.

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  • 30 prayer points for Rohingya Christians

    The Rohingya people are among the most persecuted minorities in the world. And Rohingya Christians are vulnerable for their faith within their community, often rejected by their own people.

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  • UPDATE: Iranian convert Mary Mohammadi released on bail

    Iranian convert Mary, a Christian rights activist in Iran, has been arrested and taken to Qarchak Prison. Please pray for her safe return, and for her family. 

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