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Persecution Stories


Kim Sang-Hwa* knows God is with her at all times, including when she met secretly with other Christians in North Korea. What she didn’t know was whether one of the other secret Christians would betray her. “We have a saying in North Korea,” says Sang-Hwa. “‘When three of us are meeting, one of us is a spy and will report to the government.’”



"With your loving support and care for our spiritual and physical lives, we can overcome any struggles and keep our faith until the end."
- Secret church leader in North Korea
  • The devastating impact of the coronavirus in North Korea

    In a closed country like North Korea, the spread of a disease like the coronavirus can have a hugely devestating impact. North Korean defector Timothy Cho shares his expertise and asks for prayer.

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  • Susanna Koh to sue Malaysian police over her husband's abduction

    It's been three years since Pastor Raymond Koh was abducted in broad daylight. His wife, Susanna, is sueing the Malaysian police who have been implicated in the abduction. 

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  • Dozens killed in third church attack in Burkina Faso

    Twenty people have been killed, a pastor abducted and the church burned down in the third church attack in Burkina Faso in recent days. 

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  • "Stand up for Leah Sharibu": Nigerian pastor calls for ceaseless prayer for Leah two years on

    Wednesday 19 February marks two years since Christian teenager, Leah Sharibu, was kidnapped along with over 100 other girls from her school in Dapchi, Nigeria, by Boko Haram. Reverend Gideon Para-Malam, who has been walking closely with and supporting Leah’s family, calls for continued prayers until Leah is released. 

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  • “Hope will reveal itself in tribulation”: Your support is a lifeline for North Korean refugees

    This is no ordinary Bible study. And it's attended by some extraordinary women.

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  • UPDATE: Iranian convert Mary Mohammadi detained in Qarchak Prison

    Iranian convert Mary, a Christian rights activist in Iran, has been arrested and taken to Qarchak Prison. Please pray for her safe return, and for her family. 

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  • North Korean prisoner: photo smuggled out of the country

    It's very, very rare for an image of a North Korean prisoner to get out of the country. This one was smuggled out of the country.

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  • Impact in Parliament: The persecution of Christians debated in the House of Commons and House of Lords

    Christian persecution was debated in the House of Commons, and freedom of religion or belief in the House of Lords, on 6 February 2020.

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  • Visit Open Doors at the Justice Conference 2020

    Come and see the handmade petition at the Justice Conference, 21-22 February 2020

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  • One woman’s extraordinary story of escaping North Korea

    Eun Hye has experienced more hardship than most of us can imagine. She's also experienced more miracles.

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  • Please pray: Rohingya Christians in Bangladesh attacked and kidnapped

    At least six Rohingya Christians have been hospitalised and three kidnapped following the attack which is believed to be connected to Muslim insurgent group ARSA.

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  • “I had someone’s life in my hands”: the choice every North Korean believer faces

    When Kyung-So first heard about God from a fellow North Korean, he knew that he had a dangerous decision to make.

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  • World Watch List: Remember those in prison

    In many of the countries in the World Watch List top 50, following Jesus can mean being put in prison. We share some courageous stories.

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  • Iranian convert sentenced to three years in prison

    Ismaeil Maghrebinejad, a 65-year-old Iranian Christian from a Muslim background, has been sentenced to three years in prison for ‘insulting Islamic sacred beliefs’.

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  • Update: Reverend Lawan Andimi executed by Boko Haram

    It is with great sadness that we report that Reverend Lawan Andimi, the Adamawa state chairman of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), has been executed by Boko Haram militants after he was kidnapped on 3 January. 

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