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Persecution Stories


When war came to Aleppo, Pastor Abdalla felt God calling him to stay in Syria. He risked persecution and violence in his courageous response to this calling.

Now that Syrians are returning and rebuilding their lives, businesses and communities, Abdalla's church is a Centre of Hope.

Your help is restoring hope for hundreds of people who had lost everything.



"We still need your help; we need people to stand with us."
- Pastor Abdalla, who runs a Centre of Hope in Syria, funded by Open Doors
  • Three Christians killed in a school attack as violence levels rise

    Three Christians have been killed and another wounded in a violent attack in north eastern Kenya. Please pray for the grieving families, and for the school affected. 

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  • "The UK will not sit idly by": 123 MPs attend World Watch List 2020 launch

    MPs from across the political spectrum heard first-hand about Christian persecution and how the UK Parliament can respond.

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  • World Watch List 2020: 260 million Christians face persecution in Top 50 countries

    260 million Christians are facing persecution in the top 50 World Watch List countries, and persecution is getting more severe.

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  • World Watch List: Persecution is going digital

    Persecution isn't just physical attacks. Increasingly, digital technology and surveillance are being used to identify and discriminate against Christians.

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  • World Watch List Case Study: Young-Sik

    North Korea is the most dangerous place in the world to follow Jesus. Tens of thousands of Christians are held in terrifying prison camps or banished to remote villages, to work as forced labourers.Young-Sik* was exiled to one of these villages, forced to endure a life of hard labour, freezing conditions and meagre rations.

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  • World Watch List Case Study: Nadhir

    Three things held centre-stage in Nadhir’s* life: marijuana, clubbing and rap music. Although he had grown up in a Muslim family, Nadhir later rebelled. Then, in his late teens, a friend and fellow rapper handed him a Bible and everything fell into place.

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  • World Watch List Case Study: Tara

    What would you do if your family refused to speak to you? Or even look at you? That was 15-year-old Tara’s* punishment for choosing to follow Jesus. She was the only Christian in her family – and, while she was permitted to live at home, her family decided to treat her as an outcast. 

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  • Christians murdered and priest kidnapped over the Christmas period

    On Christmas Day, ISWAP murdered eleven captives, most of whom were Christians. Following this, on Friday 3 January, Boko Haram kidnapped Reverend Lawan Andimi. Please stand in prayer with our brothers and sisters in Nigeria.

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  • Prime Minister and Shadow Foreign Secretary renew commitment to persecuted Christians

    Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Shadow Foreign Secretary Emily Thornberry renew their commitment to persecuted Christians, in statements made over Christmas and the New Year.

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  • When two or three are gathered in my name… one could be a spy

    North Korea is top of the World Watch List 2020. Here's Kim Sang-Hwa's courageous story of how she came to faith after finding her parents' secret Bible.

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  • "Thank you": Sri Lankan Christians grateful for your support as they grieve

    Sri Lankan Christians who lost loved ones in the Easter church attacks say thank you to Open Doors supporters who wrote to and supported them. Thank you!

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  • Video: Meet the Christians afraid of Christmas

    This Christmas, many believers around the world won't be able to celebrate together. Please pray for our brothers and sisters this festive season.

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  • Thanks for contacting your candidates on behalf of the persecuted church

    Thank you for contacting your candidates on behalf of the persecuted church. Watch this space for next steps, now that the general election is over.

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  • Open Doors’ ‘Blessed are the Persecuted’ series on TBN UK

    New Open Doors series of short films about the persecuted church to be shown on TBN UK throughout December and January.

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  • How fleeing turned to blessing for one Syrian family

    Emma and her family had to flee Aleppo when bombing came - and a Centre of Hope blessed them more than they ever expected.

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