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Persecution Stories


When war came to Aleppo, Pastor Abdalla felt God calling him to stay in Syria. He risked persecution and violence in his courageous response to this calling.

Now that Syrians are returning and rebuilding their lives, businesses and communities, Abdalla's church is a Centre of Hope.

Your help is restoring hope for hundreds of people who had lost everything.



"We still need your help; we need people to stand with us."
- Pastor Abdalla, who runs a Centre of Hope in Syria, funded by Open Doors
  • Christian library destroyed by IS welcomes visitors again

    Thanks to your support, Open Doors partners have funded the restoration of a library in Qaraqosh, restoring identity and dignity to those returning to their communities.

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  • No school to go back to: Church-run schools seized in Eritrea

    Following the closure of church-run health centres earlier in the year, the Eritrean Government has now seized and closed seven secondary schools run by religious organisations.

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  • Dreaming and drawing hope at St Joseph's School

    The children at St Joseph's School in Qaraqosh, Iraq, have been able to return to their school that had been used as an IS base. Now they share their dreams for the future.

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  • Asia Bibi calls for justice for victims of Pakistan’s blasphemy laws

    Asia Bibi has spoken out on Pakistan's blasphemy laws, calling for justice for those who are still imprisoned.

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  • George's shoe shop: Another sign of peace in Syria

    Shoes ‘fitted with the readiness of the gospel of peace’ are probably not something you will find in 33-year-old George’s shoe shop in Mashta al-Helou. But the fact that he has a shoe shop at all is a great sign of the growing peace in Syria – and it was all made possible through your support and a Centre of Hope.

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  • Appeal hearing postponed for Iranian Christians

    Some of you have been writing to Pastor Victor bet Tamraz and his wife, Shamiram Issavi Khabizeh, who are both on bail  in Iran and appealing their sentences. This is the latest information* on their hearings.

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  • The real recipe for Vartouhi’s baklava

    This is no ordinary recipe. Vartouhi had to close her cooking business when fighting came to Aleppo. Now she's been able to reopen, thanks to a microloan through your support.

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  • Pray for Fatemeh: Iranian Christian starts prison sentence

    Please pray for our sister Fatemeh, who has now started her one-year sentence in the infamous prison of Evin, Iran

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  • 'We want to invest in the children': Back to school in Syria

    Many children in Syria are significantly behind with their schooling as a result of the war. But now, thanks to your prayers and support, volunteers at Centres of Hope supported by Open Doors are helping these children to catch up on the education that they have missed.

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  • “She is alive”: an update on Leah Sharibu

    The Nigerian Government have issued a statement with the assurance that Leah Sharibu is still alive and they are actively pursuing her safe release.

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  • Jo Swinson signs Open Doors’ handmade petition

    Jo Swinson, leader of the Liberal Democrats, has signed Open Doors' handmade petition to show she sees women who are persecuted both for their faith and their gender.

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  • Video: rare footage shows Boko Haram attacks in Cameroon

    Open Doors has received rare video footage of a Boko Haram attack on a village in Cameroon. The footage – filmed by a local contact who was visiting the area – shows how Boko Haram have spread into new regions: today around half the reported attacks occur in the neighbouring countries of Chad, Niger and Cameroon.

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  • 7 things you should know about Syria

    Syria is emerging from eight years of conflict. The crisis is over, but the effects will be long-lasting. Here are seven things you should know about Syria and how God is working there.

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  • What is a Centre of Hope?

    As Open Doors’ Hope for the Middle East campaign continues, you might have noticed a lot of references to Centres of Hope in Syria. If you’re wondering exactly what a Centre of Hope is, then look no further!

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  • ‘He will always be my hero’ says abducted pastor's wife

    Pastor Raymond Koh was abducted in 2017. A Human Rights Commission concluded that members of the Special Branch of the police were involved, but Pastor Koh is still missing. In a video interview with Open Doors his wife, Susannah Koh, has called for action. “Please continue to support us by speaking out for the truth and for justice to be done,” she says. “I have hope that he is still alive… Even if he’s not alive, I believe that he’s where God is – and he will always be my hero.”

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