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Easter in Iraq 4: ‘Iraq without Christians is like a garden without roses’

28 March 2018

When Faraj Toma Youssef returned to Qaraqosh, Iraq, he found his house terribly damaged. The rooms were piled high with rubble, there were holes knocked in the walls.

But thanks to Open Doors supporters throughout the world he has been helped to rebuild it, and start living in Qaraqosh again.

“My house was damaged by ISIS but you helped me and now I make it very good.” he said. “Thank you so much.”

Faraj wants to stay in Qaraqosh.

“Iraq without Christians is like a garden without roses,” he says.

Hope for the Middle East

Thank you! You enabled the voice of suffering Christians in Syria and Iraq to be heard in the White House, the United Nations, the European Union and parliaments around the globe, including our own.

This incredible global response continues to ensure Christians and other minorities have a future – both on the ground in Syria and Iraq and globally advocating on behalf our persecuted family. 

Families are rebuilding homes and lives in Iraq - developing sustainable livelihoods. The celebration of Easter in Qaraqosh was a milestone in the recovery of this community and a sign of hope for the region that Christ's resurrection brings the greatest hope in the darkest times.

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