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See the invisible suffering of women like Aisha

Sometimes, around town, Aisha sees a man whose face she remembers.

It’s the face of one of the men who raped her, the day when the Fulani attacked her village. When they saw a Bible in the house, they assumed her husband was a pastor. He was taken away while two men beat and raped her.

Her husband was returned within a few hours, but the trauma of the attack affected all of her life and at times, she couldn’t eat. “I couldn’t sleep. I had no peace in my heart,” says Aisha.

Aisha was persecuted for being a Christian and for being a woman.

Shocking new research from Open Doors shows this double persecution is frighteningly prevalent. Women are twice as vulnerable to persecution as men.

Worse, their suffering is invisible. Ignored by the world around them.

This has to change.

That’s why we have launched the See. Change. campaign. To restore the hope, dignity and identity of women like Aisha who face violent persecution because of their faith and because of their gender.

“We are so scared to the extent that women cannot sleep comfortably in their houses,” says Aisha.

Please help support women like Aisha and take action today.

Aisha was part of the trauma care programme run by Open Doors. “After that seminar, I began to feel peace of mind,” she says. “Even when I see the man that looked like one of the rapists, I don’t feel hatred towards him anymore.”

Join the See. Change campaign now to support more women who have suffered for their faith. You can give, sign the petition and write a personal message of support. Thank you.

Please give today.

“I want all women who have gone through this trauma to attend the Open Doors programme. I am sure just as I got peace in my heart, they also will experience it,” says Aisha.

Your gifts can help make Aisha’s wish possible for more women.

Every £42 could provide food and housing for a woman and child for two months, as well as education for the child.

You can also give towards immediate trauma care for a woman who has been the victim of persecution. It costs £288 to provide trauma healing in all areas of their lives.



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