Pastor killed in church shooting in Pakistan

Two gunmen killed a pastor and injured another outside a church in Peshawar, Pakistan. The attack is representative of growing violence and intimidation in the Peshawar region, which borders Afghanistan.

Pakistani Christian finally bailed – after three years in prison for a crime he didn’t commit

Stephen Masih is a Pakistani Christian who has spent three years in prison for blaspheming the Prophet Muhammad, and is now released on bail – he maintains his innocence.

Please pray: devastating floods plunge Pakistan into further chaos and uncertainty

“They piled up Bibles and hymn books and set them on fire” – three stories from Pakistan attacks

Last month, thousands of Muslim extremists brought devastation to Christians in Jaranwala, Pakistan, by attacking more than 20 churches and almost a hundred homes in response to allegations that two believers had desecrated the Quran. The three stories below highlight the horror experienced by some of the victims. The awful incident has affected more than 1,600 people – thank you for your continued prayers and support for them.

An easy life – or her faith? Rehena from Pakistan chooses Jesus every time

Rehena is a Pakistani Christian. In her own words, she shares what life is like for believers in Pakistan, and how you can pray for them. Please note that all names and some details have been changed to protect identities.

Four ways to pray as Pakistan holds general election

As Pakistan holds a controversial and potentially volatile general election, believers in the country are praying that it will usher in improved religious freedom.

Young Christian in Pakistan sentenced to death for alleged TikTok post of damaged Quran

A 27-year-old Christian in Pakistan, who allegedly shared on TikTok a photo of a damaged Quran following an attack on the Christian community in Jaranwala last August, has been sentenced to death under the country’s blasphemy law.