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Christina and her husband were making their way home after a long day in the field. They did not know that Fulani herdsmen were in the area and that everyone else in their village had already fled.

The Fulani are a tribe of nomadic, predominantly Muslim cattle herders. Climate change and population growth have led them to seek new grazing lands. They often seize these lands from long-established Christian communities and violently attack the inhabitants.

This is what happened in Christina’s community. They forced their way into her home, holding guns and threatened to kill her. Christina’s husband was tied up and forced to watch as two of the men raped her.

Christina Christina Self Portrait


Christina is deeply traumatised after the attack and wants the world to know the pain Christians are experiencing.

She attended a trauma counselling programme run by Open Doors partners in Nigeria. “I can remember when I came [for the first trauma workshop],” said Christina, “when I went back home, I felt as if I (were) a new person... I am so happy and overwhelmed because of the programme.

“I remember I didn’t have money to come but I am so glad I could, as I have recovered so much in encouragement for my life and from the love I have felt from you all.”


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