Democratic Republic Of Congo

A visit to Esther, whose husband was killed

At least 17 Christians killed in July in spate of attacks in DRC

DRC: More than 100 people killed in Islamic extremist attacks

In the past month, at least 100 people have been killed by an Islamic extremist group in a series of attacks in the east of Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). A large number of those killed were Christians.

“Thank you to those who care about us” – Esther from DRC is standing strong after husband’s death

Over 1,000 displaced Christians in DRC receive aid, thanks to you

At least 69 Christians killed in three attacks in DRC

Pastor Jean in DRC is healing from the trauma he hid from his church

Eight Christians killed in latest DRC attacks

Thanks to you, Sarah is using her agriculture degree to strengthen believers in DRC

Your provision comforts widow after death of husband and kidnap of son

DRC church resilient after bomb attack kills 15

A year after a church bombing by Islamic militants killed 15 Christians, this church community in Kasindi, DRC, continue to praise God.

Pastor kidnapped and his children killed in DRC as attacks increase

A church leader and his wife have been abducted by members of the ADF during a worship service; during the attack, their two children were killed. Please pray for our church family in DRC, and for the safe return of all who’ve been taken.

At least 80 Christians killed as attacks in DRC continue unabated

Your prayers continue to be urgently needed for Christians in the Democratic Republic of Congo following yet more devastating attacks.