• Leader: President Ibrahim Boubacar Keita
  • Population: 18.7 million (448,600 Christians)
  • Main Religion: Islam
  • Government: Republic
  • World Watch List Rank: 32
  • Source of Persecution: Islamic extremism

Islamic militants remain a threat, despite having signed a peace deal with the government in 2015.

Although dislodged from territories they previously controlled, the legacy of the takeover in 2012 has been a more radicalised society that is even less hospitable to Christians than it was before, especially for Muslim background believers and their churches. Even though most Christians live in the south of the country, they feel threatened by the attacks of Islamic militants, especially in parts of the country that are not controlled by the state.

Please Pray 

  • For God's strength for Christians displaced from their homes in northern Mali. Pray for grace to love their neighbours
  • Discipleship training for believers and servant leadership training for pastors
  • For BMBs who find it difficult to live out their faith because family and community are hostile
  • Violence has increased substantially as a result of terrorist attacks. Pray for peace over this country.


How we help

In partnership with the local church, Open Doors is serving the persecuted church in Mali by:

  • Providing Bibles
  • Supporting persecuted Christians through socio-economic empowerment projects
  • Persecution awareness and caring for new believers.

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