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Palestinian Territories

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36Palestinian Territories

  • Leader: President Mahmoud Abbas
  • Population: 4.9 million (67,700 Christians)
  • Main Religion: Islam
  • Country fact sheet

Christians are caught in the crossfire of the ongoing Palestinian-Israeli conflict.

Their ethnicity means many restrictions from the Israeli side while their faith makes them a minority in the Muslim-majority Palestinian community. Society is conservative and leaving Islam is difficult. Converts from Islam bear the brunt of persecution but even changing your church denomination is controversial. Israeli restrictions and the fear of growing Islamic radicalism has caused many Christians to emigrate. The Christian population is shrinking rapidly.

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Please Pray 

  • For peace and stability to enter this region
  • For Christians to shine as lights amidst the conflict and be ambassadors of Christ’s peace in their communities
  • For boldness for believers from Muslim backgrounds to live out Christ’s love among their Muslims neighbours.

How Open Doors helps

In cooperation with local partners and churches, Open Doors is supporting the church in Israel and the Palestinian Territories through:

  • Distributing Bibles and Christian literature
  • Training (biblical training, reconciliation, trauma debriefing and counselling)
  • Socio-economic development (such as relief work)
  • Advocacy and presence ministry (providing legal funds, safe houses).

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